The 7-member TIRZ Board, with a new chair and three new board members*, met before a crowded HEB Community Center to discuss their 2013 Budget and 2013-2017 CIP. Numerous residents expressed concern that the proposed projects would not result in drainage relief and might even make it worse. Rafael Ortega, who is VP of the engineering firm Lockwood Andrews & Newman (LAN) and directs the firms Large Diameter Business Group which performed the engineering for these projects, presented a brief description of the TIRZ projects that are on the front burner — Barryknoll East drainage & road improvements, Briar Branch (W-140) stormwater detention basin, W-140 channel improvements, N. Gessner/N. Witte drainage and roadway improvements and Lumpkin Road drainage and roadway improvements. Based on concerns from residents about some of these projects, it has been suggested that a workshop be organized with representatives from the community, LAN and Harris County Flood Control District in order to talk through some of these concerns.

*New Chair: Ann Givens
New Board Members: Bob Tucker, John Rickel and David Hamilton
Board Members who resigned: Ken Arnold, Chuck Turet (former Chair) and Dan Moody

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