RAF Special Meeting

August 29, 2015


When: Wednesday, September 9, 2015,  7:00-8:00 PM

Where: Memorial Middle School Auditorium; 12550 Vindon Dr., Houston, TX 77024

Who: Meet Our Legal Team and Hear Their Strategy – Jim Blackburn, Charles Irvine, Mary Conner, David Kahne, Larry Dunbar

Topic:  What can we as homeowners do about flooding?

There is good reason for neighborhoods in the TIRZ 17 area (both north and south of I-10) to worry about being flooded, even if they haven’t flooded yet.  As impervious cover from new development increases without mitigation for storm water run-off, our neighborhoods have become detention ponds for displaced water.

Over 500 homes in this area (which is NOT designated as a flood plain) flooded last Memorial Day, many for the second time in six years.  Despite this, drainage and detention HAVE NOT BECOME A PRIORITY of TIRZ 17 nor the City of Houston to whom they directly report.  THIS ISSUE HAS NOT BEEN RECOGNIZED AS THE CRISIS THAT IT REALLY IS.

Property owners in these affected areas should seek remedy from both the City and TIRZ 17 to prevent further property damages, financial loss, lowered property values, health impairment, and anxiety brought about by the City’s irresponsible decisions and policies.

A contract was signed in January 2003 between the City of Houston and TIRZ 17, describing a Project Plan which promised FOUR detention ponds — two south of I-10 and two north of I-10.  To date, ONE detention pond has been constructed but it is also being used by development south of the pond and it overflowed during the Memorial Day rain event.  There is not another detention pond currently on the TIRZ Capital Improvement Plan.

Attend this meeting to hear what these experts have to say.  If we don’t unite and act now, we can only expect more of the same. Please share this message with your contacts who are concerned about the City’s drainage and flooding issues.  


email: drainage.coalition@gmail.com

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