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The photograph was taken by Leif Reigstad and is from a Houston Press article that ran the day after our meeting. The article missed that this is a joint issue among residents North and South of the freeway.  This is being driven by very concerned groups on both sides of I-10.

We had a good crowd, most of whom even stayed for public comments, donating both time and money.  If you made a pledge, please honor that pledge.  Even if our show of strength leads to more TIRZ 17 promises in order to placate us, without a  lawsuit or the credible threat of one, those can  evaporate just as easily as earlier promises have already.  Please keep in mind that Capital Improvement Project (CIP) funding was in place for detention and drainage projects last year and removed this year in order to advance the construction of Gessner Road.  Our primary concern about the Gessner Road project is that its stormwater has no valid places to go and projects that would help alleviate additional homes being flooded have been delayed or removed from the CIP. Let’s make sure this time.

We heard first from our attorney, Jim Blackburn, then his associates, Charles Irvine and David Kahne, who spoke generally about our ability to make Constitutional arguments in federal court and who spoke in detail about a specific game plan.  Jim has donated tens of thousands of dollars of legal fees to the cause.  He can’t do it alone.  We need to support him.  He won’t really be getting much of the fees.  Lawsuits are pricey, but together we have plenty of people to fund this if everyone steps up to the plate.

While we have an easy-to-use credit card links on our website, there is a usage fee, so  we would prefer a check in order to maximize our dollars. Here is the address for sending tax-deductible contributions:

RESIDENTS AGAINST FLOODING (a 501c[3] organization)
P.O. Box 430574
Houston, Texas 77243-0574

There were a number of things that we promised neighbors that we would post on our website:

What can you do to help?

Please talk to your neighbors and direct them to our website or printout some of the literature that we passed out at the meeting along with pledge sheets and take them to your HOA, Super Neighborhood, or Civic Association meeting and ask for their help.  Contact your Council Member and the 5 At-Large Council Members to enlist their support.  Speak at City Council “pop-off” session on Tuesday afternoon to voice concerns.  Contact newspapers, radio stations, TV stations and post on social media.

After the meeting, we found out that our neighborhood representative, Dr. Bob Tucker, was not being reappointed to the TIRZ Board.  As a retired Reverend, Bob has provided a moral compass for the Board.  Apparently, he incurred the wrath of one of the larger area developers when he suggested that Klotz and Associates had a conflict of interest working for both Metro National in the redevelopment of the Conrad-Sauer detention pond and as TIRZ design engineers for projects on the north side of I-10.   We are soliciting the help of CM Stardig to keep Bob on the Board.

Important email contacts:

Mayor – Annise Parker — mayor@houstontx.gov
ReBuild Houston — rebuildhouston@houstontx.gov
PW&E Director – Dale Rudick —  pwe.director@houstontx.gov  832.395.2500
District A – Brenda Stardig — districta@houstontx.gov 832.393.3010
District G – Oliver Pennington — districtg@houstontx.gov 832.393.3007
At-Large 1 – Stephen Costello — atlarge1@houstontx.gov 832.393.3014
At-Large 2 – David Robinson — atlarge2@houstontx.gov 832.393.3013
At-Large 3 – Michael Kubosh — atlarge3@houstontx.gov 832.393.3005
At-Large 4 – C.O. Bradford — atlarge4@houstontx.gov 832.393.3012
At-Large 5 – Jack Christie — atlarge5@houstontx.gov 832.393.3017

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