RE: Will You Support the War Effort?


Dear Members of Residents Against Flooding,


The last time one of our board members had a family member whose house was in danger of being destroyed, it was the 1940’s in South Wales in Great Britain.

At night, the grandfather of one of our board members placed black-out curtains over his windows.  He didn’t speak about this story.  But, we heard it nevertheless.

Any shred of light in the valley at night could be seen by German bombers from the Luftwaffe if they were on a bombing run, and would very possibly be snuffed out as they conducted raids deep in allied territory.

After a night of worry, in the morning, he would go every day to the local factory to build airplane parts that would be used in the defense of England from an existential threat to his country.

His community was facing an existential threat.  He kept going to work.

Just like we are going to work.

We are Facing an Existential Threat. Today.  In the City of Houston.

One neighborhood has seen 14% of its community wiped out in 2009, 2015 and 2016.

Repeated, devastating flooding is causing financial ruin.

Our lawsuit alleges that the city government of Houston and TIRZ 17 is shunting their water into drainage systems not capable of carrying it.

With engineering studies showing how our drainage systems are being overwhelmed by stormwater runoff, they continue to do this, deliberately, knowingly.

The wealth of our area is being accumulated into the TIRZ system.

TIRZ 17 – under orders of City Hall – has essentially declared war on us.

TIRZ 17 is using its now obscene wealth to build itself up, and flood out the surrounding neighborhoods.

The TIRZ is conservatively estimated to have over $150,000,000 over the next ten years that could be used to fix flooding.

That’s one hundred and fifty million dollars.

Instead of using that money to build modern drainage systems, the city and the TIRZ are using those funds to build what is essentially a war machine against home owners.

This is a call to action.

In order to solve the flooding problem…

 Here is what one of our board members told the flood czar, Stephen Costello.

  • The solutions to our area are imminently attainable if we correctly direct TIRZ 17 funds to drainage infrastructure.
  • Only when inadequate drainage is improved, detention ponds added, and city-wide policy reforms are in place going forward, will the flooding issue in our area be truly corrected.
  • The city and county seem to be placing all their hopes for success in receiving very large bailouts from the federal government.
  • It would be great if we get those, but we have to solve our problems with what we have when it is possible to do so.

Waiting on a reply.

That was over a month ago.


The Waters are Rising. 

We currently don’t have any city-wide policy reforms to require developers to keep their storm-water on their own property.

Instead, the money of TIRZ 17 keeps getting shunted to developer subsidies.

If you didn’t flood this time, there is a very strong possibility you will in the future.

Your property values are already suffering and will suffer whether you flood or stay dry.

That’s tens of millions of dollars collectively being taken away from homeowners and given to private developers.

It’s a massive, cynical redistribution of wealth.  Your wealth.  Your homes.  Your lives and families.

The flood waters are rising.  They are coming.

RAF is advocating hard for replacing our inadequate flooding systems in and around Memorial City.

But, the city refuses to do so.

The City’s Perverse Incentive to Keep Applying the Pain.

We’ll discuss in future emails how the political system has become awash in money, how moneyed interests have captured funds meant for drainage and mobility, and how they are selfishly using that money for their sole, exclusive benefit, and flooding out homeowners as a result.

Right now, let’s discuss how the city itself – not just developers – actually has an incentive to flood you out.

Rather than put its house in order and live within a budget, the city is seeking to increase tax revenues.

When a beautiful older home floods, and floods repeatedly, the owners must either sell it for lot value or tear it down and rebuild.

The city knows this.

When that home is torn down and replaced with a new home, the value of the lot can often be taxed at double the value it previously could be taxed for.

When this concept is applied hundreds and possibly even thousands of times, the resulting revenue gain by the city is massive.

Frankly, this is the best way for the city to solve its revenue problem over the next few decades.

What that means for you is pain, pain, and then even more pain.

Our board members have done numerous public information requests from the city and have read the devastating stories of home owners locked in a disastrous financial cycle.

Home owners are writing to the city and practically begging the city for mercy.

It’s a common story, now.

A gut-wrenching story.

The home owners beg for relief.

Time and again, no relief comes.

Help Keep our Planes in the Air!  

We are Residents Against Flooding.


That’s also the acronym for the British Royal Air Force.

Against all odds, the other RAF bravely defeated the German Luftwafte in the Battle of Britain to prevent full scale invasion and destruction of their home land.

Residents Against Flooding is facing difficult odds to prevent the wholesale destruction of our communities and homes by repeated and devastating man-made flooding.

The City of Houston is gunning for us with everything it can muster to stop this lawsuit.

It knows that if it can defeat us here, it can do anything it wants without repercussion.

But – just like the other RAF – we believe we can win.

We are determined.

Our battle will be in court against a machine that can harness all the tax payer resources of the city to defeat us.

We have a lawsuit that is strong.  Our cause is right.

We have to keep our lawyers in the courtroom.

Make a donation to help keep our planes in the air, fighting the good fight! 

We wouldn’t ask for this if we didn’t think victory was possible, if everyone steps up and supports the cause.

Support the War Effort Today!!!

The lawsuit starts in earnest in October.

 Give anything you can, but loose change won’t win this struggle.  We have roughly 50 people who have given $1,000 or more, including some who have given much, much more.   

Please get your total donations as close to $1,000 as possible to keep our lawyers in the courtroom, fighting for you



We are now a 501(c)(3).

Please mail donations payable to Residents Against Flooding to:

Residents Against Flooding

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Or, Contribute VIA Paypal here on our website.


Residents Against Flooding

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